We have free GRE word list practice questions, Try our scientifically might even decide to change a synonym question to an antonym question and vice versa. 11 Aug As a studious disciple of this complex beast, I’m compiling a massive list of vocabulary words, alphabetically, with synonyms and antonyms for. More than words with usage for GRE Exam. Use this list to get a top score in GRE Verbal Test. Download pdf file for free!.

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Antonyms — expand, extend, increase, lengthen.

A List A List A List A List A List A List A List A List A List ablution abnegation abode gre word list with antonyms and synonyms abscission abscond absolute absolve abstain abstract abstruse abusive abut accoutre accretion accrue acerbity acme acne acquiesce acquit acquittal acrid acrimonious acrophobia antonyms barrons wordlist cat cat vocabulary cat words cet dictionary gm gma gre word list with antonyms and synonyms gmat practice gmat prep gmat verbal gmat vocabulary gmat words gre gre barrons gre exam gre help Gre picture words gre practice gre prep gre preparation gre verbal gre verbal section gre vocabulary gre words guru’s wordlist guru wordlist how to prepare for gmat how to prepare for gre mat mba online pictionary online picture dictionary online picture words pictionary picture dictionary picture vocabulary power word synonyms test gmat toefl toefl words vocabulary word wordlist word pictures word power words with picture.


You can list the GRE words using some metric, for eg. You will only have to memorize the required words.

It is also helpful if you want to memorize words by understanding their meaning. Antonyms — Exalted, proud. Usage — Something is amiss.

You can download this software and learn new words in an easy-to-learn and interesting way. Antonyms — dislike, hate, hatred. Click To Gre word list with antonyms and synonyms GRE Word list practice test The sentence completion type of questions and the verbal section in general depends greatly on having a good vocabulary. This makes learning new words easier. Antonyms — insufficient, meager, not enough. This website promises to teach new words in a unique manner.

I also have to pass LSAT for the law school studies. Please take some time to ensure you are familiar all the words given in this list. And to ensure you don’t memorize the correct option, the second fre a word is presented, a fresh set of options is generated.


Synonyms — ambush, ambuscade, bushwhack, waylay. The questions in the word list practice can be broadly classified into one of the following types The repeated word, will get a fresh set of options as well. The website has lists of synonyms and antonyms. If you want to learn an lisr method of developing it then check out the following section of gre word list with antonyms and synonyms article. You can learn new words from any reading materials, like books, magazines or newspapers.

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Candidates trying to prepare for the GRE examination, often find it difficult to give time to developing their vocabulary. Gre exam is very important so students must keep in mind that only hardworking can help for passing it gre score. One of the easiest processes is memorizing words.

The Invigorated Mind: GRE Exam: Vocabulary Word List

Antonyms — discord, dislike, hatred, hostility. Priya January 29, at This website consists of a large number of words, listed in an alphabetical manner. Wonderful info abut GRE exam.

Synonyms — formless, inchoate, shapeless, unformed, unshaped.

However, the thumb rule for learning words in a short time is memorization. The best way is to practice more and more by reading challenging materials and newspapers.

Usage — Ample parking for two or three cars. If you click on a particular word then it will link to a page, which has an elaborate description of the lust. Gre word list with antonyms and synonyms of them consists of simpler words and the other comprises more difficult words.