The South African Code for Reporting of Exploration Results, Mineral Resources and Mineral Reserves. The SAMREC Code is a guideline that stipulates the minimum standards for the reporting of Exploration Results, Mineral Resources, and Mineral Reserves;. 8 Jul The South African Code for the Reporting of Exploration Results, Mineral Resources and. Mineral Reserves (the SAMREC Code or the Code).

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During the last few years the legislation affecting surveying has been samrec code in the form of the Geomatics Profession Act 19 of Part of the communication is provided by the declaration of Mineral Samrec code and Mineral Reserves. They are, naturally, supported by a number of other professionals such as xode, metallurgists, engineers geotechnical, ventilation, civil, mechanical, electrical samfec.

In addition to this, the volumes of the waste dumps and other surface stockpiles are frequently determined.


This is a synonym for a Scoping Study. This is appropriate, as the minimum requirement for the declaration of a Mineral Reserve is a Pre-Feasibility samrec code study. Additional information was sourced from the other international reporting codes and, where appropriate, samrec code sub-sections of the original Table I reworded.

Furthermore, the reporting mechanism assists the Competent Person to provide all relevant details, whether they are perceived as positive or negative, in the Public Report. The manner in which projects and mines are funded, developed, and operated is continually altering; there are shifting requirements by the investment samrc, government, and society social license to operate ; there is a need to promote greater efficiency in capital raising and funding for exploration, coode, and production samrec code and the SAMREC Code must keep abreast of the advances made by other international reporting codes and samrec code possible contradictory reporting practices.

However, guidance is provided in the use of the data maxima and minima being required, and the requirement that an Exploration Target cannot be tabulated together with Mineral Resources and Samrec code Reserves.


The importance of the reporting codes The mining industry is a vital contributor to national, regional, and international economies.

However, the section was not samrec code adequate in terms of the requirements of Public Reporting, and a significant revision was undertaken to include a set of guidelines samrec code consideration when a Competent Person makes a public declaration.

The role of the mining engineer is to design, develop, and operate safe and efficient mines, whether surface or underground samrec code. Mining engineers are able to undertake samrec code various technical or engineering aspects of a mining operation, which are a series of very complex tasks, and formulate a mine plan and schedule that can be executed.

Other issues can be expected to arise in the future and will also need to be discussed.

Mine surveying is considered to be a branch of mining science and technology and includes all measurements, calculations, samrec code mapping that serve the purpose of ascertaining and documenting information at all stages from prospecting to exploitation and utilizing of mineral deposits by both surface and underground workings International Society for Mine Surveying. These have been included as a separate section in the SAMREC Code to provide better understanding and communication samre the various stakeholders and interested and affected samrec code or parties.

Commodities are frequently discovered in one area, beneficiated and refined in another, and sold or used samrec code yet another location.

It zamrec samrec code noted that these are generally recognized definitions and not mandatory. Their role is to combine an understanding of the deposit with the various engineering disciplines by applying their technical knowledge and management samrec code.

Surveyors are responsible for maintaining accurate plans samre the mine. Naming them all would be impossible. Consequently, the definitions samrec code the SAMREC Code are required to be either identical to, or not materially different from, the other samrec code definitions.

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The authors acknowledge that no single document could cover all accepted industry practices or assist with all possible situations. New samrec code for geological modelling – black box or best practice? Cpde aspects of Resource and Reserve Standards. Canadian National Instrument NI is often considered a superior samrec code of reporting due to its structure.

The process of developing a mining project or mine involves technical expertise, requires a substantial and long-term capital investment, and carries numerous uncertainties and risks. In an ever-changing world, new products samrec code continuously being developed that require new commodities or the continued production of existing commodities. Introduction of a section on industrial minerals. Cited by Google Similars in Google.

Tableof contents Canadian National Instrument NI is often considered a superior form of reporting due to its structure.

Independence of the Competent Person has been a topic of samrec code within the mineral industry.


samrdc The Samrec code Code further advises that ‘historical data and information may also be included if, in the considered opinion of the Competent Person, such samrec code relevant, giving reasons for such conclusions’. Role of the Competent Person The designated Competent Person must be sure that they understand fully the meaning of the Competent Person designation and the responsibilities that go with it.

English pdf Article in xml format Article references How to cite this article Automatic translation. The tool used is the geological model and associated grade or block model.

Defining independence can sxmrec times be extremely difficult and complex and it is therefore left to the commissioning entity to define if samrec code is a requirement.