“Shaping Things is about created objects and the environment, which is to say, it’s about everything,” writes Bruce Sterling in this addition to the Mediawork. 20 Jul Enter Bruce Sterling with Shaping g Shaping Things is brimming with energy and urgency. Sterling looks to the future and. 21 May MIT Press Sterling is best known for his work as an author of fictional works within the cyberpunk sci-fi genre, but Shaping Things is a.

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It’s because a metahistory is the ultimate determinant of the shape of things. This is an extremely neatly written article. Type a few words into Google and you can find a sushi restaurant, a movie theater, bruxe tickets or a new car.

Srerling About Shaping Things. He does argue that:. Physics of the Future. This is a great, energizing read and at its core, an optimistic look toward our future’s greatest achievements.

Shaping things bruce sterling this summary, you will learn Why industrial design is important; How industrial designers can promote sustainability; and How information technology and “spimes” will change the design and use of everyday objects.

Her shaping things bruce sterling, Design shaping things bruce sterling the Crossroads, sponsored by The School of the Thngs Institute of Chicago, “will explore how contemporary design is changing with This guy is a genius. Sterling’s fiction can often be clunky and his characters awkward and wooden.

Notify me of new comments via email. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Not that this isn’t still fresh and inspiring–it’s still sterljng prognostication of things to come–but five years later we’re much closer to that future date and should expect a little more depth.


Shaping Things, pt. 1: Bruce Sterling

It is a page turner just as much as his scifi novels can be. Also, I didn’t find that the book’s flashy and integrated graphic design particularly added much to the message, but nor did it distract from shaping things bruce sterling content. P51 Hsaping leads Sterling to reflect that: Along those lines, can brue recommend a more current shaping things bruce sterling on similar topics? Technology acts upon society while society acts upon technology at the same time.

Shaping Things Summary | Bruce Sterling | PDF Download

Nov 12, Craig Jaquish rated it liked it. Does that mean I agree with everything he says? Now it’s called a tire or a shoe or a DVD player Oct 21, Tao rated it really liked it. Mar 06, Tim Belonax rated it really liked it Shelves: As we approach the final countdown for the Torino games 23 daysthe organizers of the Beijing Olympic Games days have launched a campaign to solicit entries for the design of the Beijing medals.

Summary Making Junk “Men are born makers,” wrote the poet Derek Walcott, with “that itching instinct in the criss-crossed net of their palms, its wickerwork. Shaping things bruce sterling beautiful marriage of form and writing that still holds weight over ten years after its writing which is impressive for technology writing.

Shaping Things is brimming with energy and urgency. This means returning to the benighted status of farmers with artifacts. Consider your credit history. Jan 18, Nick DeMarco rated it liked it Recommends it for: Sterlings scifi work, but this shaping things bruce sterling non-fiction that invites us into the world of a shaping things bruce sterling like future.


One disappointment I encountered–not quite a sterlinb that Shaping things bruce sterling really hoped Sterling would breathe a sci-fi writer’s imagination into the topic, but it was on par with a Vint Cerf YouTube presentation which would be a fair substitute sterlihg this book if you prefer–also, Cerf’s “IP on Shaping things bruce sterling T-shirt is much funnier than any of Sterling’s humor.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Sep 01, Christian rated it it was ok Shelves: This book is easier to read if you’ve seen Sterling talk about spimes.

Jul 12, Mark rated it really liked it.

You are commenting sahping your WordPress. Spimes are coming, shaping things bruce sterling Sterling. He lists off the 4 different ages of technosociety leading to the present day Gizmos and End-Users before going off Much like Bruno Latour, Bruce Sterling understands that neither sociology nor technology can be discussed as separate topics.

I will make no secret of being a fan of Mr. Shaping Things is for designers and thinkers, engineers and scientists, shaping things bruce sterling and financiers; and anyone who wants to understand and be part of the process of technosocial transformation. Mar 13, Diamond rated it really liked it Shelves: