View and Download Siemens SIPROTEC 7SJ62 manual online. Multi-Functional Protective Relay with Local Control. SIPROTEC 7SJ62 Relays pdf manual. 5 Overcurrent Protection / 7SJ62SIPROTEC 4 7SJ62 Multifunction Protection Relay Function overview Fig. 5/99 SIPROTEC 7SJ62 m. This manual is valid for SIPROTEC® 4 7SJ62 Multifunction Protective Relays; firmware version / Indication of Conformity This product complies with the.

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Don’t show me this message again. Load Jam Protection Technical Data 4. Thermal Overload Protection 49 Functions 2.

Siemens SIPROTEC 7SJ62 Manual

The relay is equipped with several siprotec 7sj62 manual buffers, for operational messages, circuit breaker statistics, etc. Page 88 Functions 2. In the following, the same line as illustrated in the example for ground impedance ratios above and additional data manuaal the voltage transformers will be used: The selection is made via parameter setting of the automatic reclosing function.

The table indicates region-specific default settings. Program Execution Functions 2. Checking System Connections Mounting and Commissioning 3. Page Glossary Initialization string An initialization string comprises a range wiprotec modem-specific commands. Directional Overcurrent Siprotec 7sj62 manual 67, 67n Functions 2. The following figure illustrates the logic of motor starting protection. System Interface Additional Interface Checking: Motor Statistics Functions 2.

Page 47 Functions 2. Bit pattern indication Bit pattern indication siprotec 7sj62 manual a processing function by means of which items of digital process information applying across several inputs can be detected together in parallel and processed further. The logic diagram on the mode of operation in an isolated system is illustrated in Figure The breaker failure protection is started automatically if the function initiates a trip.

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Other settings pertaining to fault recording waveform capture are found in the Osc.

SIPROTEC 7SJ62 – Digital Grid – Siemens

The start page of the default display appearing after startup of the device can be selected in the device siprotec 7sj62 manual via parameter Start image DD. They can last between a few milliseconds and several seconds. This includes in particular: Auxiliary Functions Silrotec 2. The same applies to 79AR inst.


Protection devices, combination devices, bay control- lers. Jumper settings for the contact mode of binary output BO6 are checked according to Table General Device Data Technical Data 4. Page 91 Functions 2. Functions siprotec 7sj62 manual zero-sequence voltage must be disabled. In order that the minimum voltage for controlling the binary input is ensured, R is derived as: Protection elements can thus be blocked siprotrc, made to operate instan- taneously or according to the siprotec 7sj62 manual delay times.

Manual Close Mode instant. System Data 2 The same applies to 79AR 51N instantaneous. The time delay resets immediately in anticipation of another pickup. Voltage Protection 27, 59 Functions 2.

Figure Indications prior to editing Clicking the texts allows for editing short text siprotec 7sj62 manual long text as required by the application Figure If the voltage cri- terion 7sj6 out during this time period about 60 msthe protection function does not pick up. Figure DIGSI dialog box for setting siprotec 7sj62 manual interlocking conditions On devices with operator panel, the display shows the configured interlocking reasons. These may be, for instance, nominal power system and maunal data, measured quan- tity polarities and their physical connections, breaker properties where applicable etc.


The names of the parameters are fixed.

In the current path, the I current is valid, when the transformer neutral current is connected to the device. Transfer Of Measured Values Functions 2. So the circuit breaker trip coil does not remain energized in the siprotec 7sj62 manual case, R is derived as The line is energized and will remain in this state during diprotec measurements.

Page 53 Functions 2. Both the previous history of siprotec 7sj62 manual overload and the heat loss to the environment are taken into account. The same applies to function groups 2 to 4. Page – Measuring the Operating Time of the Circ Figure Example for the generation of a manual close signal sipfotec the internal control function Note For an interaction between the automatic siprotec 7sj62 manual function 79 AR and the control function, an extended CFC logic is necessary.

Additionally, user-defined interlocking conditions can be programmed separately for each command. Additionally, the faulty phase is determined.